Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding


Michael Wilding was born in 1953 and educated throughout Europe. Twenty nine years ago he moved to Santa Fe where he set into motion his career as a stone sculptor, focusing mainly on abstracted form. His interest in carving stone began with a fascination of it's different approach to achieving a result. He was intrigued with the idea of finding something in the stone by extracting material, “building something by removing what might be extraneous.” When Wilding came to New Mexico, he began to notice how the landscape of the high desert influenced his work. “I’m very moved by the shapes that occur when earth, wind and water have their way with the environment. These are collaborations which sometimes result in great elegance and grace. I’m also interested in conveying a sense of fluidity and movement in the work. For me, sculpting is also a collaboration, a kind of improvisational journey, a conversation with stone."

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