Aleya Hoerlein

Aleya Hoerlein

Aleya Hoerlein - Bio


Aleya Hoerlein is a painter based in Taos, New Mexico. Her body of work consists of abstract oil paintings that have gradients of color and soft or hard-edged shapes. Compositionally, she is painting the space in between and around the forms, as much as the forms themselves. The composition and shapes convey negative and positive spaces that alternate: sometimes the dark color recedes into a void, a nothingness; at other times, the darkness becomes the subject and the gradients of colors become the background. The gradients are a gradually dawning or dimming light source, an expansion, and a fleeting moment of time.

Aleya graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York City as a painting candidate and with a BFA in graphic design. Her work has appeared in group shows in New York City, as well as in her home state of Iowa. Before settling in Taos, NM, she lived in San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Savannah, GA, and Fairfield, IA. Hoerlein’s paintings are held in private collections in New York, California, Tennessee, Washington, and New Mexico.


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