Ricardo Mazal

Untitled KC-04-355, 2004
35.50 x 32.50 in
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Red Tomb Monotypes

The red Monotypes are directly related to the tomb of Red Queen. The Queen was a noble woman who was entombed at Palenque around 600 A.D. Her skeletal remains were covered in red cinnabar powder, a substance that conveys great symbolic weight. In Maya culture, red cinnabar was used in ritualistic burials to cover their dead. It is also a symbol of life and strenght. This group of monotypes deals with both the subject of the Red Queen and all that he symbolizes, as well as the color red itself. I have also worked to convey the passage of time in these compositions, which imply through veils of color and long, horizontal swaths of paint. Unlike the jungle monotypes, these works don't refer to forms in nature; they are meant to function in a more intuitive, emotional manner.


The Titles of these works are Mayan Words for Numbers Zero to Eleven. 0: KAN, 1: HO, 2: WAK, 3:UUK, 4:UAXAC, 5:OX, 6:BULUK, 7:BOLON, 8:LAHUN, 9:MI, 10:HUN, 11:KA

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