Afton Love

The Other Side (With Eyes), 2023
Drawing, Graphite on Tracing Paper
32 x 32 in
Paper size; 39 x 27.5 Inches "The sublime is to be found in a formless object." — Immanuel Kant "The Other Side" series takes inspiration from this quote by Immanuel Kant and by what Edmund Burke described as the "abstract sublime." These drawings give us an opportunity to see what might be considered void; By correlating the naturally eroded windows of stone I find in desertscapes with what Burke calls the "infinite voids that lie beyond reason." The stone apertures offer views of distant horizons while simultaneously acting as a lens for internal reflection. These drawings are views through or views of formations I have found in the erosional landscapes of New Mexico. Openings, windows, and voids in stone. I have delicately rendered and materially distilled these environments as a way to honor the time it took for erosion to create these perfect shapes, as well as to acknowledge the moment in time in which we both exist together. The time and events that have sculpted the person I am now, who we all are, as well as these ancient rocks and their peering oculi.

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