Ricardo Mazal

Kan, 2004
37.50 x 34 in
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Jungle Monotypes; In the photographs, the forms of branches and plants are lit against the blackness of the night. In the monotypes, the image is reversed to allow lines and forms to be seen against (and receding into) and open space. Nature is clearly the source of these compositions, but as a result of the way I manipulate the original image the final works are meant to be highly abstract- an exploration of form and space, light and dark. The Titles of these works are Mayan Words for Numbers Zero to Eleven. 0: KAN, 1: HO, 2: WAK, 3:UUK, 4:UAXAC, 5:OX, 6:BULUK, 7:BOLON, 8:LAHUN, 9:MI, 10:HUN, 11:KA

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